Animal Health Investment USA

Tuesday 15th June 2021, 8:30am to Wednesday 16th June 2021, 4:30pm

Virtual Event

Investment forum showcasing partner opportunities in animal health and connecting those businesses together with financial investors and strategic corporate partners.

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In 2021, the US forum continues to look at maximizing the therapeutic and commercial potential of human technologies and serving unmet medical needs in veterinary health. Additionally, the focus continues to be on driving investor engagement and showcasing the industry’s most exciting emerging companies.

Animal Health has distinct advantages over human healthcare:

  • The research and development process for animal health products is typically shorter and less expensive than for human therapeutics, as animal trials typically can be performed in the target species at an earlier stage, and shorter lifespans result in faster safety assessment and trial completion.
  • A substantial portion of animal health R&D is focused on product life-cycle management as opposed to novel drugs, which also leads to less risky pipelines.
  • Animal health medicines and vaccines face lower pressure from generic competition when compared to human healthcare peers.
  • Animal health is primarily a cash business and does not face the same insurance/third party payer and drug pricing risks that can be an overhang on human therapeutics.

As a virtual event, this provides a unique opportunity to involve a wider array of stakeholders and key participants in the value chain to address the full scope of how animal health impacts pet owners, veterinarians, and farmers today.