Livestock Epigenomics Workshop

Friday 31st March 2023, 9:00am to 3:30pm

Roslin Institute Building / Hybrid, The University of Edinburgh Easter Bush Campus, EH25 9RG

Hybrid livestock epigenomics workshop hosted at Roslin Institute, showcasing current research in livestock and selected human studies.

Livestock Epigenomics Workshop graphic - Roslin Institute

Genomic technologies have empowered and accelerated genetic research and its impact in breeding. It is, however, clear that genetics only explains a proportion of the observed variation in health and production traits in livestock populations. 

The environment plays an important part in determining performance, and so do the interactions of the genetic background with known and unknown environmental factors.

DNA methylation, an epigenetic mark, can be used as proxy of environmental factors, and to quantify environmental and genome by environment interactions. This is important because understanding variation improves estimation of breeding values across environments, through the signature that these leave in DNA methylation data. Additionally, DNA methylation data holds promise as a disease biomarker, potentially replacing more invasive or costly tests.

Roslin Institute colleagues will present some of their exciting epigenetic research in large ruminants and humans, including in admixed populations, in a series of morning talks. In the afternoon, we will have an opportunity to hold informal discussions around posters.

If you have related work you would like to present at the workshop in poster format, you will be able to submit your poster during the registration process. You might need to login to a google account to fill in the poster submission form.

The meeting will be hybrid and free to attend both in person and online. 

Registration will be open until the 30/03/2023 at 5 pm UK time, but if you are registering to attend in person, please register before 19/03/2023 at 5 pm UK time to assist with arrangements for refreshments.

If you experience any problems with the registration or poster submission process, please contact

Please click on link button below to view full agenda, speaker bios, the structure of the workshop and timings of the talks.