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ARK Genomics Ltd offer genomic services for human and animal health. One of the first tenants to locate to Roslin Innovation Centre, the company occupies open plan office space. 

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ARK Genomics Ltd (AGL) promote genomic research, bringing together commercial companies and academia, and provide access to cutting edge sequencing technologies for human and animal health working with their partner Edinburgh Genomics.  

AGL offer a full project management service, supporting their clients at all stages of a project and alongside this can act as an opportune and strategic grant collaborator and partner. 


"We are excited with the move to Roslin Innovation Centre.  Being in the heart of Central Scotlandís biotech hub, surrounded by other like minded businesses, is incredibly inspiring to us and will provide AGL with many opportunities for growth and collaboration."

Dr Charlotte Burgess, Business Development Manager, ARK Genomics Ltd

Based at the heart of science and innovation in Scotlandís central belt, AGL is perfectly placed to provide access to cutting edge sequencing technologies.

Many varied research projects require an element of genomics. Whether genomics is your area of expertise and youíre just looking for the most up to date technology, or you're new to genomics and require analysis as part of another project.

AGL can provide the expertise and project management services that your research requires, providing a full project management service, supporting clients at all stages of a project, from grant application to data analysis, dependent on needs. 

AGL will take on the burden of project managing your genomic research, making sure the work is delivered on time and to budget, whilst keeping to your project objectives. 

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