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A3 Scotland 2022, an inaugural not-for-profit conference for the Animal Health, Agritech and Aquaculture (AAA) sectors, took place on Tuesday 26th & Wednesday 27th April 2022.

Industry, investors, scientists and government officials from all over the world gathered in Edinburgh, Scotland's dynamic and stunning capital city, seeking strategic partnerships and to discover the latest in R&D.

We will be sharing presentations and further information on a new website at in coming weeks so please do visit us again.

Meanwhile, please watch our promotional video setting the scene for  A3 Scotland 2022. This introduces key elements of the programme content, a glimpse at the expertise and showcases the destination and a selection of the state-of-the-art science and research facilities that are available in Scotland - leading the way in Triple A and in the transition to net zero.

With thanks to our sponsors, stakeholders and speakers for the assistance with the making of this film.

Innovation, Investment and Collaboration were the main drivers of A3 Scotland 2022 in the transition to net zero carbon emissions. The conference included sessions on each of these themes, across each of the the three sub sectors, and presented by leading industry speakers. 

There were also many opportunities for networking, a grand Gala Dinner and optional pre and post conference tours of world-renowned science and research facilities in Midlothian, to the south of Edinburgh, and the west coast of Scotland.

"Scotland is a world leader in so many fields of life science, with AAA representing the important three sub sectors of Animal Health, Agritech and Aquaculture continuing at pace to lead the way."

Ivan McKee, Scottish Government Minister for Business, Trade, Tourism and Enterprise

The AAA sector is of key importance for Scotland and indeed Scotland is already a major contributor in the animal science sector globally.

The optimisation of animal health, promotion of sustainable food security and stimulation of economic growth, both locally and internationally, make a major contribution towards the ambition to achieve net zero carbon emissions from UK agriculture by 2040, underlying the urgent need to work collaboratively to address the challenges of climate change.

Sheep image for Animal Health - A3 Scotland 2020 conference
Animal health
Interventions that improve the health of livestock and companion animals. 
Drone image for Agritech - A3 Scotland 2020 conference
Development of novel technology for agriculture ensuring improved productivity and sustainability.
Fish worker with salmon for Aquaculture - A3 Scotland 2020 conference
Breeding and rearing of fish, shellfish, plants, algae and other organisms in water environments.

A prestigious line-up of speakers presented at A3 Scotland 2022, each an expert in their field, who recognise the value of the AAA sector and the importance of addressing current challenges. 


Dr Simon Dohery, Senior Vice President, British Veterinary Association (BVA) - A3 Scotland 2022 Speaker
DR simon doherty
PAST president - British Veterinary Association 
Senior Lecturer (Education), Institute of Global Food Security, Queen’s University Belfast 


Ivan McKee, MSP, Scottish Government - A3 Scotland 2022 Speaker
Scottish Government - Minister for Business, Trade, Tourism and Enterprise


David Farquhar, CEO, Intelligent Growth Solutions - A3 Scotland 2022 Speaker


photo of Professor Jacqui Matthews, Chief Technology Officer, Roslin Technologies - A3 Scotland 2022 Speaker
Professor Jacqui MatThews
Chief technology officer - roslin technologies
Zoetis logo - Platinum Sponsor A3 Scotland 2022 conference

Zoetis is the leading animal health company, dedicated to supporting its customers and their businesses. Building on more than 65 years of experience in animal health, Zoetis discovers, develops, manufactures and commercializes veterinary medicines, vaccines and diagnostic products, which are complemented by biodevices, genetic tests and precision livestock farming.

A3 Scotland was delighted to have the support of Zoetis as our conference platinum sponsor.

CENTRE FOR INNOVATION EXCELLENCE IN LIVESTOCK CIEL logo - sponsor A3 Scotland 2022 conference
CENTRE FOR Innovation Excellence in livestock (cIEL)
VisitScotland logo - sponsor A3 Scotland 2022 conference
vIsit scotland
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highlands and islands enterprise (Hie)
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Data driven innovation (DDI)
The University of Edinburgh, Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security logo - sponsor A3 Scotland 2022 conference
Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security
European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) Food logo - sponsor A3 Scotland 2022 conference
European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) Food
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"A3 is Scotland's premier event for animal health and sustainable food production."

Professor Bruce Whitelaw, Director of Roslin Institute and Chair of Animal Biotechnology, The University of Edinburgh

Our packed 2-day programme on 26 & 27 April 2022 featured influential and expert speakers across each of the sectors, with a variety of informative sessions, panel discussions and networking opportunities, seeking to encourage innovation, investment and collaboration.

The programme also offered optional pre and post conference tours, showcasing some of the world-class research facilities and expertise located in Central and Highlands Scotland. Attendance on these tours was part of the A3 Scotland 2022 registration process and spaces were limited.

Roslin Innovation Centre on University of Edinburgh Easter Bush Campus - A3 Scotland 2020 conference tour

Registration and a unique opportunity to go behind the scenes with tours of leading centres of excellence within Midlothian Science Zone, birthplace of Dolly the sheep.

Cattle and technology operator for Agritech - A3 Scotland 2020 conference

  • Registration and Welcome
  • Scotland's Innovation & Investment Landscape 
  • Opening Keynote: Scotland's Role in Reaching Net Zero Emissions
  • Opening Keynote: The Global A3 Market Overview 
  • Scotland's A3 Ecosystem for Innovation, Investment and Collaboration 
  • Sessions: Innovation and Investment (with Panel Discussion)
  • Commercialising Research
  • Closing Keynote
  • Gala Dinner (Playfair Library)

Pigs and litter for Animal Health - A3 Scotland 2020 conference

  • Welcome
  • Session: Collaboration
  • Leaders Panel
  • Interactive Session
  • Closing Keynote: Sustainable Food Security, Scotland and Beyond
  • Networking Lunch and Sessions

Scottish Fish farm for Aquaculture - A3 Scotland 2020 conference

An introduction to aquaculture opportunities and growth on the West Coast of Scotland, hosted by Highlands & Islands Enterprise (HIE).

The tour will include a visit to Scottish Sea Farms and the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS). In addition, there will be a networking opportunity with a range of marine businesses located at Malin House and the European Marine Science Park.

For more details, please contact Andrea McColl, Senior Development Manager Life Sciences, HIE. 

Edinburgh First, part of the University of Edinburgh, provides high-specification conference facilities and business meeting rooms, featuring comfortable breakout areas and relaxed lounges where A3 Scotland 2022 conference delegates can unwind. 

Edinburgh First's venues at Pollock Halls look onto Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh’s highest hill and a spectacular natural backdrop to the city, set within Holyrood Park, a peaceful escape from the bustle of the city.

For accommodation requirements over and above our allocation for A3 Scotland 2022 at Salisbury Green Hotel, delegates can check availability/book directly with
Edinburgh First B&B Team for other accommodation options or alternatively book a hotel of their choosing.

John McIntyre Conference Centre Edinburgh exterior image - venue for A3 Scotland 2020 conference
The main conference will take place in the purpose built John McIntyre Conference Centre, located on the University of Edinburgh's Pollock Halls Campus. 
Salisbury Green Hotel Edinburgh image - accommodation venue for A3 Scotland 2020 conference
Salisbury Green Hotel is located next to the conference venue, adjoining Holyrood Park and close to Edinburgh’s major attractions.
Playfair Library Hall Edinburgh - dinner venue for A3 Scotland 2020 conference
conference dinner
In the heart of Edinburgh's historic Old Town, the iconic Playfair Library Hall features William Playfair's signature neoclassical barrel-vaulted ceiling.

Edinburgh First at the University of Edinburgh and the A3 Scotland organising committee are working in partnership to bring you the A3 Scotland 2022 Conference. 

Edinburgh first

The University of Edinburgh,
Pollock Halls,
18 Holyrood Park Road,
Edinburgh, EH16 5AY

T: +44 (0)131 651 2189

E: a32022@ed.ac.uk