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41,000 sq ft of flexible lab and office - currently 95% occupied

The Roslin Innovation Centre is the gateway to the Easter Bush Campus, where people can communicate physically and intellectually, and provides a gathering space that allows meeting and interaction from across the Campus, whilst also serving as an information point for the general public.

Artist impression birds eye view of Roslin Innovation Centre

At the heart of the Campus, Roslin Innovation Centre allows for the natural development of business collaborators with laboratory and office space situated close to the science and clinical livestock expertise.

Ten reasons why you should choose to relocate to Roslin Innovation Centre:

  1. Largest concentration of animal sciences in Europe
  2. Commercial and collaborative research opportunities
  3. Part of a co-locating, co-creating community at Easter Bush Campus
  4. Local follow on space availability for growing companies
  5. Caters for different tenant types and different organisation types
  6. ‘All-in’ stepped rental accommodation cost inclusive of services
  7. Support from Central Services Unit (CSU) on PAYG basis
  8. Business development, acceleration and service opportunities
  9. Campus Hub - for staff, students, public, tenants and visitors
  10. Good transport links

Established companies, multi nationals, new and existing R&D strategic partners or associated spin outs, spin ins, start-ups and scale ups.

We welcome different tenant types:

  • ‘Incubate’ - company or organisation within its first three years of operation and on a short term, ‘easy in easy out’ occupancy
  •  ‘Anchor’ - established company on a longer 5 year fixed term occupancy
  •  ‘Partner/project’ - strategic collaborative partnership, joint venture or commercial research programme (non-entity) on either a short, medium or longer term basis
 No dominant tenant/tenant category i.e. neither to be occupying more than 33 per cent of the 41,000 square feet of lettable space.

Our 'Research Hotel' located on the ground floor at Roslin Innovation Centre offers an interim solution for established companies and start-ups, providing ready to use state-of-the art office and lab space with access to standard lab equipment. 

Work space (rent-a-desk and/or rent-a-lab) is available on a short-term let basis either per day, per week, per month, per quarter or on a six month basis for up to a 12 month period. Shared space is subject to availability for an individual or company with up to a maximum of 24 'guests'.

Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation (KEC) is key to producing research with applications and impact outside of the research community.

On the Easter Bush Campus, there is a strong culture of industry engagement with over two thirds of senior scientists at The Roslin Institute engaging with companies. With dedicated support available for making industry-academic collaboration work, this enables it to play a key role in supporting the UK animal health sector.

The Roslin Institute has existing relations with approximately 100 companies in the animal health, genetics and feed additives sectors with its R&D pipeline primed by over £25 million in annual research income. 

Artist impression of Roslin Innovation Centre entrance
Artist impression of Roslin Innovation Centre office and meeting space
Artist impression of Roslin Innovation Centre on Easter Bush Campus

"… a world capital for livestock health and genetics…"

Bill Gates, Gates Foundation, describing Edinburgh at a Lord speaker Lecture, House of Lords, 10 November 2014