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Highlights from the heart of an expanding Campus

Roslin Innovation Centre has been Ďopen for businessí  since August 2017, to provide space for companies undertaking strategic, commercial and collaborative research in animal and veterinary sciences, agri-tech and health industriesOur unique business gateway to innovation continues to nurture entrepreneurship, growth and collaboration within the dynamic environment of Easter Bush Campus. 

Occupancy is currently at the optimal target of 85%, with over 30 tenant companies ranging from established local and international organisations, start-ups and spin-outs, to community interest companies.

highlights - year 6 

AskBio/ESGCT graphic re participation and contribution at Congress 2022
The annual European Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (ESGCT) congress took place in Edinburgh 11th to 14th October and is an ideal opportunity for facilitating scientific exchange, disseminating knowledge and increasing the awareness of gene and cell therapy among scientists and the society.

Asklepios BioPharmaceutical, Inc. (AskBio)  a wholly owned and independently operated subsidiary of Bayer AG, with research and development facilities at Roslin Innovation Centre, presented 14 company abstracts at the Congress. 

The full company presence highlights the breadth of the AskBio contribution to advancing gene therapy and includes an oral presentation on the role of empty capsids in overall AAV immunogenicity and toxicity risks, 12-month data from ongoing Parkinsonís and congestive heart failure studies and data on synthetic DNA material from wholly owned subsidiary TAAV Bio-manufacturing Solutions, SL. 

Dr kate Cameron, Cytochroma in the lab facilities at Roslin Innovation Centre - credit Roslin Innovation Centre/LP
Dr Kate Cameron, Founder and CEO at Cytochroma, an award-winning entrepreneur and expanding company based at Roslin Innovation Centre, was featured in The Herald 'Supercharging the next generation of scale-ups in Scotland'. 

Securing the company's first round of investment was critical to success, and Cytochroma leveraged seed funding to secure a large Innovate UK grant, bringing non-dilutive funding to around £1 million. The most recent grant to manufacture ethnically diverse mini-hearts has effectively doubled the company's product offering.  

The team has since expanded in both size and facilities, transforming operations and the funding has enabled Kate to focus more on business development providing a new challenge.

BBC Click visit Roslin Technologies lab at Roslin Innovation Centre
Growing sausages from animal cells. Technology show BBC Click visited the Roslin Technologies laboratory at Roslin Innovation Centre to find out how the company has found a way to grow sausages from animal cells. 

The animals donít need to be slaughtered in the process. Instead a biopsy is taken which can be reprogrammed, meaning this could be a greener way to generate meat. This type of lab-grown meat is yet to receive regulatory approval for human consumption in the UK, but in Singapore, people have been eating lab-grown chicken meat for two years.

Beta Buzz, insect farming publication by Beta Bugs, a Roslin Innovation Centre tenant
We welcome a new executive team at Cytomos. The life sciences venture company, based at Roslin Innovation Centre, has developed a new approach to analysing cells. 

The company's cell platform has potential applications in drug development, bioprocessing, cell and gene therapy manufacturing and vaccine production.

As the company gears up for this next stage of growth, David Rigterink joins the scale-up as the CEO and is appointed to the Board. Lindsay Fraser joins as Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) and Gordon Sharp has been promoted to interim Chief Technology Officer (CTO).