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Highlights from the heart of an expanding Campus

Roslin Innovation Centre has been ‘open for business’  since August 2017, to provide space for companies undertaking strategic, commercial and collaborative research in animal and veterinary sciences, agri-tech and health industries. Our unique business gateway to innovation continues to nurture entrepreneurship, growth and collaboration within the dynamic environment of Easter Bush Campus. 

Occupancy is currently at 95%, with over 30 tenant companies ranging from established local and international organisations, start-ups and spin-outs, to community interest companies.

highlights - year 7 

Oxitec Ltd - Djibouti non-biting mosquitoes release
The maiden flight of Oxitec's Friendly™ mosquitoes on the African continent took place on 23rd May - a critical step in stemming the spread of the invasive mosquito, Anopheles stephensi, which transmits malaria. 

Tens of thousands of male non-biting mosquitoes were released in Djibouti, approved by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development following review of the scientific data and environmental risk assessment, in an effort to stop the spread. These non-biting males carry a gene to eliminate female offspring, targeting the root of disease transmission.  

Learn more about Djibouti’s efforts to end malaria and the science behind it, led by Roslin-based biotechnology company Oxitec Ltd. Press release 

Also featured in a BBC News/Africa report and on BBC Sounds.

Matthew Richardson of Beebytes on stage at BBSRC Sparking Innovation Conference
BeeBytes took to the stage at the recent BBSRC Sparking Innovation Conference 2024 and shared their story about spinning out as a social enterprise. A spin-out from the University of Edinburgh and Roslin Institute, Beebytes is based at Roslin Innovation Centre, and specialise in genetic services and DNA analysis for honey bees and other pollinators.

The conference, hosted in Edinburgh on 2nd May, brought together over 150 bioscience innovators, entrepreneurs, investors and broader members of the UK bioscience innovation community with a focus on enabling knowledge exchange and networking, and discussing the challenges and future needs of bioscience innovation in the UK.

Fireside chats and interactive panel sessions offered a deep dive into the journey of innovation, from ideation to commercial success, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, and transforming research into start-ups.
Dynescan semen analyser in field with cattle - credit Dyneval Ltd, a Rosin Innovation Centre based tenant developing a novel farming system to grow marine ingredients
Dyneval Ltd,  has announced collaboration with Union Agronegocios, home to South America's largest cattle population, with the launch of Dynescan semen analyser in Bolivia scheduled for April 2024. 

Dyneval was introduced to Union Agronegocios in 2023, when visiting Sant Cruz, Bolivia, as part of a DBT Agri-Tech Trade Mission in South America, and at that time the agribusiness technical advisor and distributor expressed a strong interest in our portable and precise semen analyser.

“We are thrilled to announce the addition of Union Agronegocios to Dyneval's network of global partners. The team at Dyneval is excited to support Union Agronegocios with launching our innovative technology in Bolivia, providing them with precise and reliable data at the farm to guide important breeding decisions to raise productivity.”  Dr Tiffany Wood, Chief Executive Officer, Dyneval.

Prozymi Biolabs scientists in lab at Rosin Innovation Centre based tenant developing a novel farming system to grow marine ingredients
Prozymi Biolabs is exploring technology that could unlock the secret to making baked goods and beer gluten-free without compromising on taste. 

The biotech start-up, with facilities at Roslin Innovation Centre, are testing new enzyme technology that degrades gliadin, the protein that causes a reaction to those with celiac disease. Whilst gluten would still remain present in the products, with gliadin deactivated it will be safe to consume for those with an intolerance.

In addition to recent successful funding awards, Prozymi Biolabs is one of ten new companies to take part in the first Biotech Innovators programme from IBioIC - an initiative is designed to provide SMEs, spinouts and start-ups with access to commercial and technical expertise to help bring new bio-based products and services into the bio economy.
Aquanzo CEORemi Gratacap, a Rosin Innovation Centre based tenant developing a novel farming system to grow marine ingredients
Aquanzo, in collaboration with CENSIS, Scotland’s premier innovation centre for sensing, imaging, and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, is pioneering the cultivation of artemia, a species of brine shrimp hailed as an optimal protein source for feeding fish and crustaceans.

The Roslin Innovation Centre-based start-up is developing a novel farming system to grow marine ingredients (tiny shrimps called artemia) on land, at scale, using agricultural and industrial byproducts to support a sustainable development for aquaculture. This project will develop a mobile system to upcycle, on site, byproducts from different industries into high quality marine ingredients.

Recently featured front page  of The Herald Scotland and other press channels.  

Wobble Genomics outside Roslin Innovation Centre
Wobble Genomics whose novel approach to RNA sequencing could revolutionise many fields in biotechnology – has raised £8.5m to help commercialise its technology

The University of Edinburgh spinout has discovered a way to detect previously invisible ‘full length’ RNA. The technology could have wide-ranging applications, from drug development and research to agriculture and ecology.

Current genetic sequencing techniques largely focus on DNA, however it is the RNA molecules which ultimately determine cell behaviour. Therefore, RNA sequencing can provide a better understanding of how cells will react in different situations.

Ishani Malhotra, Carcinotech in the lab
Ishani Malhotra, CEO and Founder of Carcinotech, has  won 'Woman Entrepreneur of the Year' at the Cancer Research Horizons Innovation and Entrepreneurial Awards 2024.

These awards celebrate the UK’s most innovative and enterprising efforts in oncology highlighting those individuals in the industry working hard to translate discoveries into benefits for cancer patients. 

Ishani’s ambition and determination make her a trailblazing force in the oncology sector, exemplifying how strong leadership and a clear vision can drive transformative change paving the way for groundbreaking advances in cancer treatment. 

This acknowledgement is a testament to Ishani’s efforts and her continued success as she guides Carcinotech toward its goal to be at the forefront of cancer drug testing and to provide personalised medicine testing to each individual suffering from cancer.

Scottish Knowledge Exchange Awards 2024 logo
The Scottish Knowledge Exchange Awards 2024 is a flagship event that celebrates partnerships between business, third sector or public sector organisations and academia.

Congratulation to two Roslin Innovation Centre tenant companies on reaching the finals - and being announced as winners at the ceremony, hosted by the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland on 14th March.

Innovation of the Year –  Prozymi Biolabs Ltd, and The University of Edinburgh for developing a pipeline for identification and characterisation of novel gluten-degrading enzymes using mass spectrometry. These enzymes can be used for production of tasty and affordable wheat-based gluten-free bread, providing a realistic alternative for people with gluten intolerance.

Innovator of the Future - Dr Maria Martinez Castillero, KTP Associate working with The University of Edinburgh and Beta Bugs Ltd, for improving Black Soldier Fly genetic performance, as a high-quality protein source for livestock, through developing, testing and implementing the key data infrastructure and workflow for the Beta Bugs breeding programme, ensuring that genetic progress could be measured and tracked.

Scottish Knowledge Exchange Awards 2024 logo

The Midlothian & East Lothian Business Awards are a highlight of the business calendar and offer  businesses in the region the opportunity to promote major achievements and celebrate success.

The shortlist for the 2024 Awards has 35 local businesses making it to the finals across various categories. Congratulations to Ingenza Ltd, finalists in two categories - 'High Growth Business of the Year' and 'Best Commitment to Youth Development'. 

The company's growth and success has been guided by a management team with over 25 years’ experience in applied bioscience and the development and commercialisation of bio-based products.

Best of luck to Ingenza at the ceremony on 7th March, hosted at Eskmills Venue, Musselburgh.

Scotland's Life Sciences Awards & Dinner 2024
Congratulations to Roslin Innovation Centre-based Dr Stephen Myatt, Macomics Ltd, and Aquanzo, both finalists in Scotland's Life Sciences Awards 2024 which represents the pinnacle of innovation, dedication and impact across life sciences in Scotland. 

Dr Stephen Myatt, CEO of immuno-oncology spinout Macomics, is a finalist in the Business Leadership Award category. Macomics was founded in 2018 by two University of Edinburgh academics and is developing novel therapeutics to modulate the activity of macrophages, to increase the body’s immune defence against tumours in cancer sufferers.

Aquanzo is pioneering marine protein farming that does not harm the ocean’s ecosystem under CEO Dr. Rémi Gratacap, and is an Innovation finalist in 'Animal Health, Agritech and Aquaculture' category.

Good luck to all at the Annual Awards and Dinner, Thursday 14th March at the Hilton Glasgow.

Ishani Malhotra, Carcinotech in the lab
Carcinotech has raised £4.2m in funding from Eos Advisory, Scottish Enterprise, and other investors and aims to build on its traction in the UK and Europe with US expansion planned later this year.

The Roslin Innovation Centre-based medtech company's technology enables the manufacturer of 3D printed micro-tumours for research using patient cells to precisely simulate the tumour microenvironment, thereby accelerating ethical drug screening and the delivery of more effective cancer treatments to market.

Ishani Malhotra, CEO and founder of Carcinotech, said: “Our vision is to be at the forefront of cancer drug testing and provide personalised medicine testing to every individual suffering from cancer to improve their treatment and chance of survival."

Festive event for Roslin Innovation Centre tenants in atrium - pictured Hazel Robertson, Senior Administrator & Tenant Liaison and winner Sophia Webb, Roslin Technologies
In mid-December over 70 tenants gathered together for an informal festive event with breakfast rolls, mince pies, Christmas music and a special guest... 

Many thanks to John Gardner, Manufacturing/Facilities Operations Manager with Axol Bioscience, in the role of quiz master for a game of 'Pass the Christmas Parcel'. We all remember how to play that don't we... 

When the music stopped, the person holding the parcel was posed a question with a festive flavour. All correct answers received a treat and if answered incorrectly then question was open to all. Thanks to all who joined in the festive fun.

The prize for the final parcel went to Helen Bradburn, Axol Bioscience, and winner of 'Most Festive Outfit/Jumper' was Sophia Webb, Scientist – Cell Innovation with Roslin Technologies (pictured).

ScottishEDGE Round 22 winner Prozymi Biolabs with Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne, founder of Genius Foods
Congratulations to Roslin Innovation Centre-based biotech Prozymi Biolabs, winner of the £65,000 IBioIC award in ScottishEDGE Round 22 to further their quest to revolutionise the gluten-free market. Prozymi were also winners in Round 19 securing a Wild Card award.

The award was presented by the company's mentor and innovator Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne, Chair of the Board of Scotland Food & Drink and creator of the first fresh gluten free bread on the market and Founder of Genius Foods Ltd, the UK’s leading brand in fresh gluten and dairy free bakery products.

In this most recent round of the Scottish EDGE Awards, a total of £1.5 million was awarded to 38 early stage Scottish businesses with high-growth potential, providing a much-needed injection of cash to these entrepreneurial businesses.

Scottish EDGE is Scotland's biggest business funding competition, offering grants and loans from £10,000 to £100,000 to help grow your startup, social enterprise or charity. 

Field of wheat - credit Roslin Innovation Centre (LP)
Prozymi Biolabs, is one of the innovative companies selected for the next cohort of the University of Edinburgh's Venture Builder Incubator programme.

The Roslin Innovation Centre-based biotech aims to revolutionise the gluten-free market using gluten degrading enzyme technology to produce healthier and better tasting baked products based on wheat or other popular grains.

The  Venture Builder Incubator is delivered by the University of Edinburgh’s world-leading innovation hub for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, the Bayes Centre, and Edinburgh Innovations, the University of Edinburgh’s commercialisation service on behalf of its Data-Driven Innovation Hubs. 

Oxitec Ltd - pest control project
Welcome to Oxitec Ltd, now in residence at Roslin Innovation Centre, in addition to a team in Oxford. 

The company is the leading developer of biological solutions to control pests that transmit disease, destroy crops and harm livestock. Work is being conducted in partnership with the Roslin Institute, and focuses specifically on the world’s most devastating invasive cattle tick.

A successful conclusion of the third phase of the Florida Keys Mosquito - Oxitec Mosquito Project was recently announced. Release of Oxitec's non-biting male mosquitoes have now stopped, however monitoring of local mosquitoes will continue for the next few weeks.

Scotland's Life Sciences Awards 2024 - Innovation Animal Health, Agritech and Aquaculture
Do you have an innovative product or service in Animal Health, Agritech or Aquaculture? You can also nominate an individual, organisation or company for Scotland's Life Sciences Awards 2024. 

The innovative product, or service contribution must have been developed in Scotland in the last three years (since November 2020), and at a stage of development where the organisation can publicise the innovation.

Writing an award winning entry can seem daunting but this doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming - all you need is some planning, focus and download this list of top tips

Closing date extended to 10th December 2023View categories and enter

Scotland's Life Sciences Awards 2024 - Innovation Animal Health, Agritech and Aquaculture
Prozymi Biolabs is one of the innovative companies selected for the next cohort (4.0) of the University of Edinburgh's Venture Builder Incubator programme. The Roslin Innovation Centre-based biotech aims to revolutionise the gluten-free market using gluten degrading enzyme technology to produce healthier and better tasting baked products based on wheat or other popular grains.
Whilst Dyneval is taking part in the University’s AI Accelerator (cohort 7). The semen assessment company, based at Roslin Innovation Centre, has a track record in livestock fertility and is now applying their technology to improve human fertility. The Dynescan Semen Analyser is the first to measure semen motility lifetime providing new insights to improve male fertility and outcomes.

Both programmes are delivered by the University’s world-leading innovation hub for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, the Bayes Centre, and Edinburgh Innovations, the University of Edinburgh’s commercialisation service on behalf of its Data-Driven Innovation Hubs. 
Dr Kate Cameron outside lab at Roslin Innovation Centre
Ten new Export Champions have been appointed for Scotland after a positive start to the scheme launched just under a year ago, joining the previous thirteen appointments to ensure a broad range of sector expertise. 

Dr Kate Cameron, CEO and founder of Cytochroma, is one of the ten new  ‘export champions’, selected by the Department for Business and Trade, in partnership with Scottish Development International, for having a track record of trading internationally and a desire to share their expertise with others. 

Each champion will attend events and provide peer-to-peer exporting support to other businesses in their sector, to encourage more Scottish businesses to consider selling abroad.

Ishani Malhotra, CEO and founder of Carcinotech
Ishani Malhotra, CEO and founder of Carcinotech is named as EY Entrepreneur of the Year regional finalist 2023 -  this unique global programme honors founders, CEOs and leaders who demonstrate excellence in areas such as innovation, financial performance, social responsibility and personal commitment to their businesses and communities. 

It recognises entrepreneurial achievement among individuals and companies that demonstrate vision, leadership and success — and work to improve the quality of life in their communities, countries and around the world.