Outreach Tenants

Creating impact and developing innovation in great company

Roslin Innovation Centre opened for business at the end of August 2017 and now has occupancy of over 75%. Tenants are international in their outlook and are a good mix of established, local/multinational, start-up/spin out companies; charities and some internal University business units, all with innovation at their core. 

In the initial stages, we were joined by tenant companies relocating from local science and research parks and companies from within the Easter Bush Campus. We continue to welcome new tenants from around the globe including New Zealand, USA and Europe, to our office and lab space which can be customised to meet specific company needs.

AbacusBio logo

AbacusBio Ltd applies world class science and technology to improve and enhance the performance, resilience, competitiveness, responsiveness, and profitability of their clients’ enterprises. 

AbacusBio is a highly respected science and technology consulting firm operating from offices in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. The firm delivers world class solutions for clients across the agribusiness world. 

AbacusBio moved in to our open-plan office space in August 2017 and from this UK base provide independent services and products to industry organisations, businesses, universities, and investment groups.

AskBio logo

AskBio lead the way in end to end gene therapy technology and AAV therapeutic assets. Founded in 2001, the company is headquartered in North Carolina with manufacturing in Spain and research and development facilities in Roslin Innovation Centre, the European headquarters.

The AskBio team occupy customised lab and open plan office space to facilitate the development and commercialisation of synthetic promoters for gene and cell therapy products and bioprocess applications.

In August 2019, Synpromics Ltd, one of the UK’s most innovative companies working in gene medicine, became part of the Asklepios BioPharmaceutical (AskBio) family of companies.

Beta Bugs logo

Thomas Farrugia of Beta Bugs was announced as a Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) Unlocking Ambition Enterprise Fellow in June 2018 following successful completion of the Unlocking Ambition Challenge. 

Beta Bugs accelerate insect evolution, creating new breeds of commercially farmed insects for the alternative protein industry and make them into next-gen crops that will drive a sustainable bio economy.

Roslin Innovation Centre is hosting the entrepreneurial start-up as part of this new programme supported by Scottish Government and RSE.

Plant science - credit UoE

Carcinotech Ltd, a cancer microfluidics technology company, manufacture 3D printed bio-chips using patient specific stem cells for personalised cancer drug testing, discovery and clinical trials, providing a cost-effective alternative to animal testing.

Founder and Managing Director, Ishani Malhorta, was recently awarded 'Highly Commended Young Entrepreneur of the Year at the Scottish Women’s Awards 2019'. 

We were delighted to provide office space to Carcinotech, an innovative advanced biotech startup company, paving the way to the future of cancer research. Ishani had previously worked on Campus with another of our tenants, Censo Biotechnologies.

Censo Biotechnologies logo

Censo Biotechnologies develops models of disease using cells from a diverse range of patients using its capabilities to generate induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs). 

The company enables the discovery and development of new targeted treatments for disease by utilising the power of stem cells; supporting global pharma and biotech industry in their search for new treatments for neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. 

Following the closure of Roslin BioCentre, Censo Biotechnologies relocated to lab and office space at Roslin Innovation Centre in September 2018. 

Cytochroma logo

Cytochroma produce a range of stem cell derived liver models and tailored toxicity testing to support a variety of life science companies in the acceleration of drug discovery, making new medicine development faster and safer.

The company joined us in October 2018 and seek to address the increasingly expensive but less effective practices of drug discovery through developing stable, scale-able, reliable, DILI predictive human liver cells in a fast, cheap and sensitive screening method, which will accurately identify toxicity. 

Cytochroma is led by Kate Cameron, a current BBSRC funded RSE Enterprise Fellow hosted by Edinburgh Innovations, and a recent winner of the Higgs EDGE prize for innovation in science and technology, securing the top award of £150,000.

Deep Science Ventures logo

Deep Science Ventures brings together teams of scientists to seize crucial opportunities and redefine industries. 

The company was founded to create a better method for launching science companies, one that takes a systems level view of the opportunity from day one. New companies are formed of highly technical founder-type scientists recruited to build “holy grail” ventures with the potential to redesign entire sectors.

Deep Science Ventures and the Roslin Institute have recently launched the Food & Agriculture Science Transformer (FAST), an ambitious programme creating the first venture studio in Scotland.

Food Chain Enterprises logo

Food Chain Enterprises provide global business consulting services and fully comprehensive support to integrated food production and manufacturing. 

Consultants understand today's food industry challenges and have the technical and business expertise, covering the full supply chain, to quickly bring performance improvements to optimise processes and business profitability. 

Food Chain Enterprises specialise in the various aspects of Agribusiness, Food Production, Food Manufacturing and the FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) sector world-wide. 

Based in our open-plan office space, Food Chain Enterprises welcome the potential for collaboration with others on Campus.

Green Bioactives logo - tenant company at Roslin Innovation Centre

Green Bioactives Ltd is an innovative start-up from the University of Edinburgh, utilising plants or next generation cultured plant cells to produce biomolecules and cell extracts for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and agricultural markets. 

Working with nature to create sustainable sources of plant biomolecules and extracts, the company was founded on the urgent requirement for a robust and sustainable source of plant natural bioactive molecules for a myriad of potential applications across a variety of industrial sectors.

Providing office space to Green Bioactives, we provide a place for the company to nurture its growth.

Greengage logo

Greengage Enlightened Farming joined us during our development phase in 'pop up incubator' space in 2015 and expanded this with an extra unit in 2016. The team have since relocated in stages to Roslin Innovation Centre.

Greengage delivers LED agricultural lighting, sensors and control systems for improved farming environments for poultry, pigs and cattle. 

The company is a leading global manufacturer of "ALIS" an LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting and induction power system.

Ingenza logo

Ingenza Ltd, a spin-out from the University of Edinburgh founded in 2002, is led by a management team with over 25 years’ experience in applied bioscience and the development and commercialisation of biobased products.

Following the closure of the neighbouring Roslin BioCentre, Ingenza relocated to customised lab and office space at Roslin Innovation Centre at the end of July 2018. 

The company has integrated teams of scientists, bringing together expertise across synthetic chemistry, informatics, molecular genetics, biochemistry and fermentation scale-up. 

Landcatch Hendrix logo

Landcatch is an aquaculture breeding company, occupying office space with us in addition to their salmon breeding facilities at Ormsary, Argyll.

The company provides genetic breeding programmes to support Atlantic Salmon, Rainbow Trout and Coho Salmon with programmes around the world, focused on improved disease resistance, survival and growth rates.

Landcatch is part of Hendrix Genetics, a global multi-species breeding company with activities in layer poultry, turkeys, pigs and now aquaculture.

MV Diagnostics logo

MV Diagnostics is a research and development company, focused on the development and provision of innovative immunoassays and reagents for use in clinical and research laboratories worldwide.

MV Diagnostics aims to deliver innovative technical solutions to diagnostic problems and supply high quality veterinary ELISA kits and recombinant proteins/peptides. These kits and testing services have been used in cattle, sheep, goats, alpacas, deer, badgers, wild boar, and a variety of Zoo species.

The company occupies open-plan office space with us and works with collaborators nationally and internationally, using their extensive experience to help resolve challenges in the diagnosis, control and eradication of animal diseases. 

N2 Pharma logo

N2 Pharmaceuticals Ltd located to Roslin Innovation Centre in December 2018. 

The company has developed N2-01, a unique injectable medicine extracted from meat of Blue mussels, that has proven in laboratory settings and during its usage on animals, to reduce the level of endothelial dysfunction.

The medicine proved to be effective in numerous conditions when used on more than 25,000 companion and food producing animals by practicing veterinarians. Results of treatment improved recovery, quality of life or as a supportive treatment for cats and dogs and in dairy cattle, the treatment improved the effectiveness of artificial insemination.

N2 Pharmaceuticals is currently working on the compound's registration with the European Medical Agency. The technology has numerous patents in the UK, EU, USA and Russia.

Pulcea Ltd logo

Pulcea Ltd is focused on improving animal welfare and sustainability within the aquaculture industry. This is primarily achieved by their ability to harness marine physics in a manner capable of delivering unique technical innovations into this rapidly developing sector of the food production industry. 

Collaborating with both commercial and academic partners, including Stirling University's Institute of Aquaculture, Pulcea’s team are currently investigating the optimisation of fish health interventions, both medicinal and mechanical. Areas of interest include sea-lice & Amoebic Gill Disease (AGD), Water Quality Management, Vaccination, Saprolegnia and Seal Deterrence. 

We look forward to accommodating Pulcea on their journey to delivering solutions to fish welfare challenges in the farmed salmon industry.

Roslin Technologies logo

Roslin Technologies Ltd is an agriculture biotechnology company and focus on the development of novel agritech products as well as offering a range of commercial services, licensing and collaboration opportunities.

Shareholders are the University of Edinburgh, the agriculture-focused private equity advisors JB Equity and the British Innovation Fund, which invests in leading British university innovation venture funds and companies.

We provide Roslin Technologies with open plan office space and facilities to associated project teams, such as Eggcellent Proteins, commercialising transgenic chicken bioreactor technology for production of valuable proteins.

Vetsina Animal Diagnostics Ltd logo

Vetsina Animal Diagnostics Ltd has been established to maximise the impact of a revolutionary chemical-based system for detecting nucleic acids and single nucleotide polymorphisms, for the development of simple, fast, accurate & cost-effective products for PCR-free detection of miRNAs for animal health and veterinary use. 

Vetsina is a joint venture between Roslin Technologies and Destina Genomics.

We look forward to welcoming Vetsina to our lab and office space and future collaborations with the University of Edinburgh and others.

Beta Bugs logo

Business Gateway Midlothian offers expert help and support to new and existing businesses, including directing to grants and funding opportunities through connections with Scottish Enterprise and associated funding bodies. 

Business Growth Advisors can tailor a strategic action plan to mirror your business ambition; covering aspects such as finance, digital marketing, innovation, sales and business development, or other associated business requirements, to assist in growth. 

Business Growth Consultant, William McMillan, will be regularly based in our open plan office space and has hands-on experience of running and managing a business, including coaching and mentoring of clients who want to grow and develop. 

A series of Guest Surgeries will be hosted at Roslin Innovation Centre and one-to-one appointments can be arranged. 

City Region Deal Edinburgh and South East Scotland logo

A City Region Deal is a mechanism for driving productivity and accelerating growth by pulling in significant government investment in innovation, skills and infrastructure. 

Easter Bush Campus is one of a network of five hubs in the Data-Driven Innovation Programme (DDI). We are pleased to provide a hot desk to representative, Helen Dundas, part of the Agritech project.

The  project will seek to leverage existing world-class research institutes and commercialisation facilities to make Easter Bush a global location of Agritech excellence through the deployment of a campus-wide network that will generate and collate local and global data.

Department for International Trade (DIT) logo

The Department for International Trade (DIT) helps businesses export, drives inward and outward investment, negotiates market access and trade deals, and champions free trade.

We are pleased to provide a hot desk to Dr Lawrence John Brown BVM&S MRCVS, commercial specialist for DIT (Scottish Office) in Animal Science, Aquaculture, Agri-Tech and Bioeconomy. 

Lawrence has in-depth understanding and significant sector experience in animal sciences, to a combined DIT and specialist Agri-tech team. Actively engaging with potential R&D and driving inward investment to the UK.

Midlothian Science Festival logo

The Midlothian Science Festival launched in 2012 and takes place annually in October at venues throughout the Midlothian region, with the majority of events free to attend.

The overall aim is to provide a programme of fun, interesting and accessible science events and activities across Midlothian to demonstrate that science is everywhere - and for everyone.

For 2020, the Festival is going virtual with a Schools Programme, coordinated by the Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre and made possible by local scientists and STEM organisations.

Midlothian Science Zone logo

Midlothian Science Zone (MSZ) is a partnership, represented by partners from science, technology and innovation parks; research institutes; academic institutions and tenant companies all located within Midlothian with a focus on animal health, human health and one health.  

MSZ is a supportive community and offers access to knowledge and expertise, resources and facilities, new technologies, accommodation and services, business support and networks across the region.

Lesley Parsons maintains the digital assets for MSZ and is generally based at Roslin Innovation Centre on a Wednesday.

Clean Water Wave logo - tenant company at Roslin Innovation Centre

Clean Water Wave blend advanced technology with robust engineering, to transform polluted ground and surface water into clean water, safe for consumption and discharge.

Their innovative CAFE System (Clean Aqua For Everyone) works better and is more cost-effective than any other technology. It uses Activated Filter Media, a highly engineered water filtration media that replaces sand in all types of sand filtration. 

Clean Water Wave's range of products offer a solution for almost any water treatment, including private water supplies, and the company welcome interest from like-minded, adventurous and capable partners to manufacture and distribute their technology.

We look forward to welcoming the CWW team to our open plan office space. 

Cytomos logo - tenant company at Roslin Innovation Centre

Cytomos Ltd is a leader in rapid, explorative, single-cell analysis for biomedical research and in-vitro diagnostics using dielectric spectroscopy. 

The company’s proprietary technology is low-cost, portable and scalable. It aims to enable non-specialist users to perform quantitative cell analysis for research or clinical diagnostics, in the lab, field, or at the point of care.  

The team brings together expertise and experience spanning biology, engineering, product development and project management. 

We look forward to welcoming Cytomos to Roslin Innovation Centre. 

Pure Water International logo - tenant company at Roslin Innovation Centre

Pure Water International provide safe, clean, sustainable, decentralised water packages in a more efficient and effective manner than is currently provided globally, with Low Energy Aqua Filtration (LEAF) and Clean Aqua For Everyone (CAFE) filtration systems.

The team of highly experienced design, fabrication and installation professionals have extensive experience overseas, particularly in African markets. They aim to provide multiple water treatment systems to provide clean, safe water at sustainably lower operating cost by means of engineered packaged solutions.

We look forward to welcoming this new innovative Scottish start-up to our open plan office space at Roslin Innovation Centre. 

Roslin Innovation Centre 75% full graphic circle

Please contact us if you are interested in joining us at Roslin Innovation Centre, in the heart of the University of Edinburgh's Easter Bush Campus, with laboratory and office space situated close to the science and clinical livestock expertise and providing opportunity for the natural development of business collaborators.

Roslin Innovation centre Research Hotel lab

Our 'Research Hotel' located on the ground floor at Roslin Innovation Centre offers an interim solution for established companies and start-ups, providing ready to use state-of-the art office and lab space with access to standard lab equipment. 

Work space (rent-a-desk and/or rent-a-lab) is available on a short-term let basis either per day, per week, per month, per quarter or on a six month basis for up to a 12 month period. Shared space is subject to availability for an individual or company with up to a maximum of 24 'guests'.

Whilst it's always sad to see tenants move on from Roslin Innovation Centre, we hope the time spent with us was a rewarding one and that our supportive community and flexible office and lab facilities played a part in supporting them at whatever stage they were at.

We wish all tenants the very best success for the future.

"We're looking to attract up to 30 tenants and those companies will ideally be strategically collaborating with The Roslin Institute and others on Campus."

John Mackenzie, CEO, Roslin Innovation Centre