moving on

Tenants go on to pastures new    

Roslin Innovation Centre provides fully equipped office and lab facilities on a short, medium or longer term basis to a variety of tenant types. 

For companies at incubation stage, we offer short-term, ‘easy in easy out’ occupancy. For companies or individuals in a business transient phase we have office and lab work space to rent in our 'Research Hotel' by the day, week, month, quarter or on a six month basis up to a maximum of 12 months.  

We wish all tenants that move on from Roslin Innovation Centre the very best success for the future. 

Argenta Ltd logo

Argenta Ltd utilised our open-plan office space in August 2018, to complement Argenta’s other global facilities, including manufacturing facilities in Dundee, Scotland.

Argenta is the world’s only combined contract research organisation (CRO) and contract manufacturing organisation (CMO) specialising in animal health. With accredited operations and facilities across New Zealand, the United States of America and the United Kingdom, Argenta is fully equipped to offer a full range of products and services to the global animal health industry. 

Argenta’s 400+ global team develops and exports products and services to over 40 countries.

ARK Genomics logo

ARK Genomics Ltd (AGL) joined Roslin Innovation Centre soon after we opened and  occupied open-plan office space. 

The company promoted genomic research, bringing together commercial companies and academia, and provides access to cutting edge sequencing technologies for human and animal health working with their partner Edinburgh Genomics.  

AGL has since been embedded within Roslin Technologies, the commercialisation arm of The Roslin Institute and University of Edinburgh's Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies. 

CST logo

Casta Spes Technologies build autonomous robots for perimeter surveillance providing accountable, accessible and affordable security 24/7, plugging the gap between static cameras and expensive manned patrols. 

Set up by young graduates, Selby Cary and Michael McDonald, the entrepreneurial company joined us in our open-plan office space. Following the launch of their robot guard, ZIVA, Casta Spes relocated to the Bayes Centre, an innovation hub for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

ZIVA was designed using funding from pre-seed tech accelerator, Seed Haus, and Scottish Enterprise support. The vehicle operates across a range of terrains and sectors including agriculture, energy and construction. 

Duradiamond Software/iLivestock logo

Duradiamond Software help to deliver a sustainable future for farming through product development. 

The innovative agritech company develop proprietary, farmer focused business and market intelligence solutions for domestic and international livestock markets, and bespoke software for third party companies. 

Roslin Innovation Centre provided office space to the iLivestock team, one of the company's core products, a mobile solution for livestock record keeping and performance monitoring. This also integrates with eWeigh, designed to capture weights of unique records and see live weight gains. 

Edinburgh Genomics logo

Edinburgh Genomics is a world leading genomics and bioinformatics facility, within the University of Edinburgh, delivering high volume data and cutting-edge analyses to a large community of collaborators and customers across academia, government, and industry.

Edinburgh Genomics  is the first site in Scotland to deploy NovaSeq technology and the company has a portfolio of instruments specialised for high-throughput sequencing of human and non-human genomes, these include the HiSeq X system for large volume whole genome sequencing projects.

Roslin Innovation Centre welcomed the opportunity to provide hot desk facilities to members of the team providing collaboration opportunities on Easter Bush Campus.

Kajeka logo

Kajeka Ltd joined us at our 'pop up incubator' in 2015 during development  of Roslin Innovation Centre and then moved to our open-plan office space in 2017.

Kajeka is a spin out of The Roslin Institute and developers of visual software solutions for big data and network analysis. 

Kajeka’s powerful technology emerged from research undertaken by academic teams in Cambridge and Edinburgh to add speed, sophistication and ever more powerful analysis capabilities to the robust platform produced by the research scientists.

LTS International logo

LTS International booked in to our 'Research Hotel' for a ten week period during development of their facilities at the nearby Pentlands Science Park.

LTS is a consultancy and project management firm with 45 years of global experience in tackling complex facets of climate change, forestry, water resources, ecosystems and institutional governance.

In 2018, LTS merged with NIRAS Group as part of their Development Consulting division and is now a part of a network with 27 offices globally.  

N2 Applied Ltd logo

N2 Applied Ltd is headquartered in Oslo and took additional office space at Roslin Innovation Centre to progress the commercialisation of their technology in the UK market.

The company aims to fundamentally improve global food production by enabling livestock farmers to produce their own fertiliser from manure, air and renewable energy. The technology produces an environmental-friendly nitrogen fertiliser with significantly reduced ammonia and greenhouse gas emissions, improved resource efficiency and reduced costs for the farmer,

Today’s fertiliser value chain is costly and harmful to the environment. N2 Applied’s technology disrupts this chain, changing it from a linear to a circular model.

Tropical Animal Genetics logo

Members of the Tropical Animal Genetics Ltd (TAG) team utilised open-plan office space at Roslin Innovation Centre. 

TAG has expertise to meet the growing needs for superior genetics for farmers and breeders through provision of industry-leading reproductive technologies. 

On-going research and applied science allows TAG to develop and implement new technologies that will help move the science of tropical animal genetic improvement forward.

Our 'Research Hotel' located on the ground floor at Roslin Innovation Centre offers an interim solution for established companies and start-ups, providing ready to use state-of-the art office and lab space with access to standard lab equipment. 

Work space (rent-a-desk and/or rent-a-lab) is available on a short-term let basis either per day, per week, per month, per quarter or on a six month basis for up to a 12 month period. Shared space is subject to availability for an individual or company with up to a maximum of 24 'guests'.