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AbacusBio is a highly respected science and technology consulting firm, delivering world class solutions for clients across the agribusiness world.

Operating from offices in Dunedin and Rotorua, New Zealand, and in the United Kingdom, we welcomed AbacusBio to our open-plan office space at Roslin Innovation Centre soon after the building opened in August 2017.

AbacusBio’s extensive knowledge base, unique intellectual property and global networks, facilitate the group’s science professionals to convert science and technology expertise into commercial outcomes, working alongside clients to meet challenges head-on. 

The passionate, collaborative and committed team representing multiple countries  are the company's core strength. The group dynamics allows naturally curious scientific minds to understand challenges, break them down and then do what they do best… create, develop and implement solutions.

"Edinburgh is one of Europe’s hubs for animal science and genetics. 

"It should be a cool place to do cool things."

Dr Tim Byrne, Consultant, AbacusBio

AbacusBio are specialists in genetic improvement and breeding programme design, alongside economic modelling and wide scale stakeholder surveying. The company fronts key developments and strategies in the agribusiness space. 

AbacusBio and the Roslin Institute joined forces to undertake multiple projects focused on genetics, economic analysis, surveying and market research. The realm of genetic work includes the development of a prototype geneflow model of a pig population pyramid structure to model the economic impact, and loss of genetic trend caused by disease outbreak. Recent efforts have addressed simulating the effects of gene editing to eradicate Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS), a disease of domestic pigs with sero-prevalence upwards of 70%.

SEBI-Livestock and AbacusBio united to revolutionise online livestock consumption and trade. The platform Livestock247 is an online platform bringing together buyers, sellers, farmers and ranchers, merchants and traders, veterinary professional, haulage & logistics companies, and financial service providers in Nigeria. In partnership with SEBI, AbacusBio are involved in the deployment of their cloud based software: Dtreo, for Livestock247. Dtreo captures individual animal performance data for beef cattle, which can be used to generate useful data on the Nigerian livestock industry.

Following a successful year of collaboration through 2021, AbacusBio and Bayer agreed to expand their partnership in the area of predictive plant breeding. This marks AbacusBio’s largest collaboration to date, which is anticipated to have a far-reaching impact along numerous crop supply chains. 

As part of this multi-year collaboration, the companies will work together to incorporate AbacusBio’s leading expertise in prioritisation and valuation of crop attributes to advance Bayer’s products that deliver grower, market, and consumer needs. 


AbacusBio applies world class science and technology to improve and enhance the performance, resilience, competitiveness, responsiveness, and profitability of client enterprises.

AbacusBio professionals are deeply engaged with their agribusiness communities and play a leading role in driving a diverse range of projects around the world that demonstrate the the reach, diversity, and breadth of the firm's capabilities and services. 

  • Animal and plant breeding, genetics, and genomics.
  • Economic analysis of agriculture, aquaculture, and horticulture production systems.
  • Science and technology research, development and extension strategy development.
  • Cost benefit analysis, value proposition development, and investment prioritisation for science and technology in agriculture, aquaculture, and horticulture industries and businesses.
  • Independent feasibility and technical due diligence services for investment purposes, particularly in support of fund raising.
  • Business and investment planning for complex technology companies, across all business development stages.

Tim Byrne, Consultant 
AbacusBio Ltd

Edinburgh Office:

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