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We welcomed AbacusBio  to our new office space at Roslin Innovation Centre soon after the building opened in August 2017.

AbacusBio's passionate, collaborative and committed people are its core strength. The current professional cohort represents thirteen countries and they are ready to work alongside clients to meet challenges head-on. 

The group dynamics of the firm allows naturally curious scientific minds to understand challenges, break them down and then do what they do best… create, develop and implement solutions.

"We're delighted to be attracting New Zealand company AbacusBio to Roslin Innovation Centre, which is a great fit for us with the company's interests and relationships in the agritech field."

John Mackenzie, CEO, Roslin Innovation Centre

AbacusBio is a highly respected science and technology consulting firm operating from offices in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. 

The firm delivers world class solutions for clients across the agribusiness world. AbacusBio’s extensive knowledge base, unique intellectual property and global networks, facilitate the group’s science professionals to convert science and technology expertise into commercial outcomes.

AbacusBio provide independent services and products to industry organisations, businesses, and investment groups in the following areas:

  • Animal and plant breeding, genetics, and genomics.
  • Economic analysis of agriculture, aquaculture, and horticulture production systems.
  • Science and technology research, development and extension strategy development.
  • Cost benefit analysis, value proposition development, and investment prioritisation for science and technology in agriculture, aquaculture, and horticulture industries and businesses.
  • Independent feasibility and technical due diligence services for investment purposes, particularly in support of fund raising.
  • Business and investment planning for complex technology companies, across all business development stages.

For examples, please see AbacusBio projects and initiatives.

Tim Byrne, Consultant 
AbacusBio Ltd

Edinburgh Office:

Roslin Innovation Centre
University of Edinburgh
Easter Bush Campus
Midlothian, EH25 9RG

T: +44 (0)131 651 9671
M: +44 (0)772 989 4807
E: office@abacusbio.co.uk