Easter Bush Campus receives Gold Sustainability Award

Tuesday 8th January 2019, 4:00pm

The Easter Bush Campus has been awarded the Gold Office Award from the University of Edinburgh’s Department of Social Responsibility and Sustainability.

The Easter Bush Campus has been awarded the the Gold Office Award from the University’s Department of Social Responsibility and Sustainability; retaining the Gold status for the Campus for the fourth consecutive year.   

The Campus Sustainability Team have put in place a number of commitments, which have gone towards the Gold Office Project and made improvements across the Campus. 

Working to find change in all areas, there have been projects that include a general commitment to reduce plastic waste in all areas, as well as the installation of hand dryers in all restrooms, to reduce paper towel usage. Health and wellbeing initiatives are being offered, along with promoting sustainable business travel and the implementation of centralised stores. 

The Roslin Institute has also retained its Gold Lab Award, for a fifth consecutive year. To achieve a Lab Award, participating teams demonstrated compliance with a wide range of sustainable lab practices including efficient use of fume cupboards, management of chemicals and samples, and reducing waste, water and energy consumption.

The Campus continues to look for ways to improve sustainability across all areas. 

"I am delighted by the Gold Award and I would like to thank all of the Committee for their active contribution to the sustainability work in the past year, which has ensured the continued success in this area."

Val Hughes-White, Campus Operating Officer and Chair of the Campus Sustainability Team