Scottish Salmon Company announces partnership with Hendrix Genetics

Tuesday 16th January 2018, 4:00pm

The Scottish Salmon Company (SSC) has signed a long term agreement with leading international breeding technology company Hendrix Genetics. This significant step supports the development of the broodstock programme and strengthens the freshwater programme for the Company.

Hendrix Genetics is focused on innovative and sustainable solutions throughout the value chain and will support the development of SSCís unique broodstock programme for Native Hebridean Salmon.

"This agreement marks an important step forward for our innovative Native Hebridean Salmon broodstock programme and supports our wider aim of developing long term strategic industry partnerships."

"Hendrix are international leaders in their field and we look forward to working closely with them both to ensure consistent smolt supply and to further develop our Native Hebridean broodstock development programme. The programme has been in development for a number of years and is a key part of our strategy and commitment to Scottish Provenance."

Craig Anderson, Chief Executive Officer, The Scottish Salmon Company
Native Hebridean Salmon was recently introduced to the international market and has gained industry-wide recognition from the Federation of Chefs Scotland and has already won two prestigious awards at the Highlands and Islands Food and Drink Awards 2017. Initial feedback from export markets is promising with sales to North America, Europe and the Far East

"We are delighted to be working with The Scottish Salmon Company in the further development of this premium brand. Scottish Salmon already has the highest level recognition globally, and Hendrix Genetics is proud to be part of the team taking this unique heritage brand to what will undoubtedly be world leading status."

Neil Manchester, Managing Director, Hendrix Genetics Aquaculture

Hendrix has Atlantic salmon breeding and egg production operations in Scotland and Chile under the brand name Landcatch, trout breeding and egg production operations in the USA, Chile and UK under the brand name Troutlodge, and shrimp breeding operations in Hawaii and Malaysia under the brand name Kona Bay.

Edinburgh-headquartered SSC has 45 marine sites in the Hebrides and west coast, and employs more than 480 people, around half of whom are employed across the Hebrides.