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During the building development phase of Roslin Innovation Centre, Kajeka Ltd joined us at our 'pop up incubator'.  We were pleased to welcome the visual analytics software company in to their new office space in November 2017.

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Kajeka provides visual software solutions for big data and network analysis and the company is a recent spin out of The Roslin Institute. 

Kajeka’s powerful technology emerged from research undertaken by academic teams in Cambridge and Edinburgh and adds speed, sophistication and ever more powerful analysis capabilities to the robust platform produced by the research scientists.

Unique visual analytics software provide an immersive environment where data can be explored and interrogated, enabling fast informed decision making from complex data. 


"Delighted that we were one of the first companies to sign up to the Roslin Innovation Centre and be part of this exciting new development."

Tom Freeman, Founder and CTO, Kajeka Ltd

Kajeka has over 10 years of experience developing network visualisation technology. Research in network analysis began nearly two decades ago, first at the Hinxton Genome Campus, near Cambridge and subsequently at University of Edinburgh.

Confronted by an explosion in complex data describing the activity of genes, the aim was to transform the way biological data is interpreted as this is often complex and difficult to understand with conventional approaches. The result was a series of revolutionary and ground-breaking visualisation techniques that have opened a new era of graph analyses.

Kajeka are dedicated to delivering advanced software solutions for the analysis and interpretation of big data. 

Kajeka create products that ensure your project or organisation makes more effective, more efficient  data-driven decisions. 

Products and services have applications in almost any data rich industry including informatics; biomedical sciences & agriculture; financial services & insurance; law enforcement & defence. The software offers insight and tangible value from data. 

Whilst products and services are at the cutting edge of visual analytics technology, they are also easy to use and gain instant and transformative results.

Kajeka Ltd

Roslin Innovation Centre
University of Edinburgh
Easter Bush Campus
Midlothian, EH25 9RG

T: +44 (0)131 651 9203
E: info@kajeka.com